A few years back I got a home safe for my firearm. I was lucky to work with DY Locksmith because they recommended a secure safe and installed it for me. Unfortunately I forgot my safe combination and reached out to them. I was afraid that some of my important documents which I stored in the safe might get destroyed when they ‘force’ my safe open. I was assured that none of my documents would be destroyed. And true to their word, they successfully opened the safe for me. I opted to switch to a key operated safe as I tend to be forgetful with codes, and they gave me a good discount on their installation charges. Best customer experience ever.

testimonail Alicia Gold

I have used DY Locksmith a few times when some old locks in my warehouse were malfunctioning. I have never had any problem with them in terms of their responsiveness and expertise. I finally decided to upgrade my security system and called them up once again to see what they had to offer in terms of high tech security solutions. I was not disappointed. They worked with my budget to recommend a keyless security system that used access cards. Not only did I get a discount purchasing the system, they also installed and programmed it for me. I now rest easy at night knowing that my business is more secure, all thanks to DY Locksmiths.

testimonail Rob Smith

I contacted DY Locksmith after my husband misplaced his set of house keys. There had been a few burglaries in my apartment block and I wanted to have our locks changed. I was very impressed with the technicians that were sent over. They were very pleasant to deal with and seemed knowledgeable in their work. They rekeyed my lock, which was much cheaper than replacing it. They also advised me to install a deadbolt lock which was more secure than the standard lock in my apartment. I can confidently give a 10/10 rating to DY Locksmith. Their technicians know what they are doing.

testimonail Olivia Harris

I can’t thank DY Locksmiths enough for coming through for me at my greatest hour of need. I accidentally locked my keys in my car just after finishing grocery shopping. My child was still strapped into her car seat when this happened. My spare car keys were at home and my house keys were in the locked car! Luckily my daughter was asleep. A fellow shopper came to my aid and gave me the phone number which I used to contact the company. Their response time was very fast. Within ten minutes they were at the scene and my car was unlocked. I never want to undergo such an experience again, which is why I ensure that I have the DY Locksmith hotline in my speed dial at all times.

testimonail Alex Jones

For the longest time I have been operating with a single set of car keys for my SUV. I learnt the folly of my ways the hard way when they were locked in my office accidentally. I had to take a cab back home. The next day I called up DY Locksmiths to enquire whether they can make a spare set of keys for such emergencies. The customer care rep who answered my call was very friendly. They were able to program a new remote unlocker for my car. More impressively, I also got a new spare ignition key. I did not know that was possible since mine has a transponder chip. My car dealership was charging more (almost $300 more) for a spare ignition key. I will definitely work with them again.

testimonail Shawn L