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Business Lock Re-Keys

 Open a new business or Moved to a new office?
Re-key your doors and mailbox locks.
As a owner or manager you need only one key for all.
DY Locksmith can make you a Master Key!
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New Installations

 A new door needs a new lock.
We install and repair any commercial locks, any security level and brands.
high security, keyless entry, cabinet, panic bar, exit device, mailboxes and padlocks.
deadbolts, buzzers, mortise and levers high security locks. and more!
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Commercial Lock Picking

 Did you find yourself locked out of your business?
Picking a commercial lock and bypass high security lock system
We’ll get you back in! with years of knowledgeable and experienceCall Now

Security Lock Systems

Do you need something extra?
Ask us about high security locks,
master keys, keyless or digital entry systems and other options.
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Lock Repairs

Have a lock with a “temper”?
Do not wait with a faulty lock
it’s a big mistake! every minute your business can lose money.
make sure every lock and door worked correctly once in a while.
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Anything with a lock

 Not everything with a lock is a door, and we can handle with every lock!

In a businesses you find a wide range of locks, keys and security system,

very important to keep a spare key! Call us with any question about your business.

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One of the most important aspects to consider as a business owner or manager is the security of your business premises . Depending on the type of business , your facility most likely hosts valuable inventory , expensive office equipment , and in some cases significant amounts of cash .

You need to protect these valuables from malicious actions by individuals who might be outside or within your business . DY Locksmith is an experienced and competent partner for any business that wants to increase its security . We have been providing our Master commercial locksmith services to satisfied business owners in Charlotte NC and South Carolina and its nearby towns for more than a decade .

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Our Commercial Locksmith Services

Our commercial locksmith services include :

While we are mainly known for our locksmith services , DY Locksmith has evolved into an integrated commercial security service provider . The services that our commercial clients can enjoy include :

Security vulnerability consultancy

It is very difficult for the untrained eye to identify all the security vulnerabilities that a business is faced with . There is more to securing your business than having expensive locks . You need the services of security experts to identify any loopholes that can be taken advantage of by thieves or malicious employees . DY Locksmith offers security vulnerability consultancy where our experts will review your business premises and your existing security measures to identify areas you need to work on .


Being locked out of your business reduces your working hours which might have a big impact on your productivity . It can also be quite embarrassing if you have any clients/customers present when this happens . Our team of master locksmiths will open your locks during lockouts allowing you to get back to business .

Automotive Locksmith Services

Whether you need spare keys or to gain access to your vehicles when an employee loses their keys , we offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services for our corporate clients .

Spare Keys

You should always have a spare key for any lock that you have in your business or within your vehicles . We have a proven track record in creating spare keys for all types of locks . This includes transponder vehicle ignition keys , door locks , and remote hi-tech access devices .


It is advisable to have a safe in your business to store your valuables, important documents, and any firearms you don’t want your employees to have access to. Not only do we do safe installation, we also offer safe opening services when you lose your safe key or forget your combination. Our safe experts can open your safe without damaging the lock mechanism or the valuables stashed inside.

Master key Systems

In most businesses , some employees need access to multiple (or all) areas of the premises either due to their job description (such as janitors and security guards) or their seniority (top management and business owners) . It would be unpractical for such personnel to walk around with copies of all the locks in a business , which is why most businesses have a master key system . A master key is a single key that can open multiple locks , and we have the expertise to create master keys for your business .

Doors closers and exit devices

Certain sections of your business need to remain locked at all times due to their sensitive security needs. Door closers are an important tool to ensure that such doors are immediately closed, and locked, after someone passes through them.
Exit devices, on the other hand, are door opening mechanisms that allow for emergency exits to be opened in case of an emergency. Businesses are required to have exit devices on all emergency exits (doors and windows) as per commercial building codes. We install and repair all types of door closers and exit devices to ensure that your building is secure and meets all emergency codes

High security controls

High security controls refer to high tech security systems which use keyless access methods such as pass codes, access cards, and biometric scanners. They enhance your business’s security as they are harder to tamper with than ‘traditional’ locks. Most high security control systems have an inbuilt mechanism to alert your security personnel when an unauthorized attempt is made to access your business. We install, repair, and troubleshoot all types of high-security controls for our commercial clients.

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Courtney Holder
Lock was broken on my BMW and couldn't get in. AAA failed. Mechanic failed. Called David based on the reviews and he did not disappoint. He was fast, reliable, and communicative.
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Alisse Harkins
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Why work with us?

To put it simply , we are the best . Your business represents a significant investment on your part and you should work with the best security partner to ensure that your investment is safe from those who want to reap where you sowed .