Emergency Locksmith

Lock Re-Keys

Moved to a new home?
Re-key your door and mailbox locks.

Be certain no stranger has a spare key.
We’re here to keep you secure.
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New Installations

A new door needs a new lock.
We install plain and decorative locks,
mailboxes and padlocks.
Don’t hesitate, call for a free quote.
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Lock Picking

Did you find yourself locked outside?
Picking a lock doesn’t take long.
We’ll get you back in
and we won’t tell.
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Security Lock Systems

Do you need something extra?
Ask us about high security locks,
master keys, keyless or digital entry systems and other options.
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Lock Repairs

Have a lock with a “temper”?
Do not wait with a faulty lock
it is more than an inconvenience,
in an emergency it’s a hazard.
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Anything with a lock

Not everything with a lock is a door.
We also service locks in sliding glass doors, french doors, windows and
any other type of lock.
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Children or pets locked in cars

While our services are aimed towards clients who need locksmith and security services , we also recognize our civic duty to provide emergency services . When lockouts and lock malfunctions put the safety of children ,  pets , and other people in danger , we offer free emergency locksmith services .

Most of us have seen sad news reports of children and pets losing their lives when they have been locked in cars for extended periods of time . This is particularly common during summer months where car temperatures are dangerously high , leading to heat strokes . If you see a child , or pet , locked inside a car , the first thing you should do is to call 911 to alert your local emergency services and law enforcement officers .
Your second call should be to DY Locksmith . We will dispatch our emergency response team to your location and open the car to avoid any unnecessary long term health effects or death, of the car occupants.

Children locked in houses

In an ideal world , no parent would ever leave their children unsupervised and locked within a house . Children are notoriously clumsy and when left unsupervised they can get themselves and their siblings injured . Likewise , a locked house creates an environment where there is no escape in case something catastrophic (such as a house fire) occurs . If you suspect that a locked house has children without any adult supervision , then you can call us (after dialing 911) for emergency lock opening .

Car , home lockouts when you are strapped for cash

While our services are affordably priced , we recognize that you might need emergency lockout services when you are facing liquidity issues . If you are locked out of our car , or house , that has your children or pets , call us . We can work out a payment plan for you or waive our fee after your children’s safety has been addressed .

We respond to all emergency call outs immediately !