Residential locksmith

Nothing is more important than protecting your family, which is why you need to work with a trusted locksmith. At DY Locksmith, we have been providing our safe locksmith services to residential clients within Charlotte and its environs for more than a decade. We understand the importance of keeping you, your family, and your property safe; which is why we maintain very high levels of quality service for our residential clients. Our residential locksmith services include:



Re-Keying Locks

When you move into a new house, or if you have recently lost one set of your keys, re-keying your locks is a cheaper alternative to replacing locks when you want a new set of keys. You get to maintain the same old locks, but they will operate using new keys!


No matter how vigilant you are, all of us find ourselves locked out of our houses for one reason or another. It might be due to forgetfulness on your part or with your family members (especially young children). DY Locksmith has an expert team.

Garage door lock

If your garage door malfunctions, we have trained garage door lock experts that can repair or replace your lock.
Our services cover both manual and automated garage door lock systems.

Automotive Locks

A big segment of our residential clients are people who accidentally lock their car keys in their vehicles. We can safely re-open your vehicle’s lock regardless of how advanced or modern your automotive security system is. We will do so carefully without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Spare Keys

You should always have a spare key for any lock that you have in your house or within your vehicle. We have a proven track record in creating spare keys for all types of locks. This includes transponder vehicle ignition keys, door locks, and remote hi-tech access devices.


It is advisable to have a safe in your house to store your valuables, important documents, and any firearms you don’t want your children to have access to. Not only do we do safe installation, we also offer safe opening services when you lose your safe key or forget your combination. Our safe experts can open your safe without damaging the lock mechanism or the valuables stashed inside.

Doors closers

Forgetfulness is one of the most common contributors to lapses in residential security. This particularly applies to young children in the home who may forget to close main doors and gates when they leave the house. Door closers are important in all the exit doors since they automatically lock a door that has been left ajar. We can advise on the right type of closer for your door/gate and install it safely for you.

Deadbolt Installation

When you live in an apartment block where you have a single door on a common area corridor, you need to increase the security measures protecting you from any malicious intruders. Normal spring locks are easily ‘jimmied’ by burglars which is why you need the more tamper proof deadbolt lock system. DY Locksmith is Charlotte’s most experienced deadbolt installer.

Why we are the best residential locksmith in Charlotte

When choosing a locksmith , technical competency and expertise is important, but the most important factor to consider is the trustworthiness and integrity of your locksmith. Thousands of clients have trusted us with their safety and we have repaid their trust with quality work and dependability. We are the best because of our integrity and track record.