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LOCKS & KEYS – 5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security !

Nothing is more important than your home security. Your safety and that of your family and personal belongings all depends on how well you have secured your home. Securing your home not only increases your chances of repelling any malicious attempts at gaining entry into your residence, but will also give you peace of mind when you are at home. Here are 5 tips on how to improve your home security with LOCKS & KEYS :

1.     Get a new set of keys when you move into a house

It doesn’t matter whether you are renting or purchasing a new home/apartment. Your safety cannot be guaranteed if the keys that the previous owner used can still work on your locks. Any negligence on the previous owner’s part puts your safety at risk. Even if you are moving into a brand new home, you need to recognize that contractors and realtors have had access to your keys. You can either have the locks changed or re-keyed by a professional locksmith to render all past keys (and their copies) incapable of being used to gain entry into your home.

2.     Improve your external lighting

Crime thrives in darkness. If your property is not sufficiently lit at night, this creates a dark cover where criminals can conceal themselves as they attempt to gain entry into your house. Make sure that all exits in your house are well lit. This increases the probability that any intruder will be well visible from the street or from your neighbors’ house. Good lighting acts as a deterrent for criminals as it increases their chances of being noticed. It can also help any witnesses to clearly identify intruders who try to break into your home.

3.     Get an alarm system

An alarm system adds another layer of security to your home. In the event that any intruder manages to breach your security measures and gain access to our home, an alarm system will notify you of their presence. In most cases, the alarm sound is sufficient to make an intruder abandon their nefarious plans and make a hasty escape. There are many alarm systems in the market depending on your security needs and budget. More advanced systems also send a notification to your nearest law enforcement outpost for quicker response times.

4.     Keep track of all your keys

In most large households, it is not uncommon for multiple family members to have a copy of the main door and gate keys. Ensure that any family member with a key is educated on the importance of keeping their keys secure at all times. Ensure that there is a policy where each key holder has to show you their key at least once a week. When one set of keys is lost or misplaced, your home security is compromised. Ensure that your locks are replaced or rekeyed to ensure that if the lost key is in the hands of malicious individuals, it cannot be used to gain entry into your home.

5.     Install high security locks

High security locks are harder to pick, which improves your home security. ‘High security’ is a relevant term that can refer to improved systems ranging from deadbolt locks all the way to high tech automated security systems. Get advice from a professional locksmith on what type of high security lock is appropriate for you.